Steve Scalone (Co-Founder)

Australian based commercial and fine art photographer Steve Scalone captures scenes that resonate the ‘decisive moment’. The use of delicate tones, refined composition and a precise depth to draw the viewer into his images, provoking curiosity about the scenes and the people in them.

Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs. He witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution and embraced the change.
In the years since, Steve pursued the photographic form in both his artistic and commercial practices. Along the way he's acquired numerous Australian and International awards for photography and book production.

His talent on the ground for inspiring fellow professional photographers and nurturing his peers through education, as well as his continuing public advocacy for the arts, have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Master.

Craig Wetjen (Co-Founder)

Craig Wetjen is a national and international award winning photographer and author based in Melbourne Australia. He started his career photographing sports for his local newspapers in Connecticut, USA. Some career highlights are working for NASA prior to moving to Australia where in 1996 he established Melbourne’s RMIT University’s first digital imaging course.

His latest book project “Men and Their Sheds” published in 2016, documented 101 men and their relationship the shed has to his physical and mental health.
Craig is currently working on a documentary book on Dementia and another book on craftsmen and women working on lost or dying trades.

Kris Anderson

Brisbane theatre and performance photographer Kris Anderson has a knack for creating rich storytelling images. A longtime performer and musician, Kris primarily photographs actor headshots, theatre advertising, and production images for theatre companies. A Master of Photography with the AIPP, Kris is the 2019 AIPP Queensland Professional Photographer of the Year. 

Kris’ illustrative work is instantly recognisable, tapping into dark, emotive themes of everyday life that resonate with everyone. He frequently explores narratives concerned with modern life, mental health, and the impact of technology on people and relationships. 

Samuel Bunn

Sam is a hobbyist photographer and is participating in Project Street 7:30 because it sounds like a fun and different thing to do, for a good cause.

Jannick Clausen

Born in Denmark and have called Australia home for more than half my life.Landscape and fine art photographer based in Brisbane’s bayside area.Master photographer with the AIPP and the 2016 Australian Landscape photographer of the year & 2016 Queensland professional photographer of the year amongst others.

Robert Gray

Robert had a long and varied photographic career encompassing everything from sport to corporate/industrial, architectural, tourism and hospitality and editorial work.

Mainly on film, and across many formats and photographic disciplines. He has entered and judged (with mild success) at APPA and helped where he could in the photographic industry when needed.

His time recently is occupied by digitising his archive and trying to acquire the digital skills needed to succeed in this endeavour.

The results to date can be found at

Afshin Jafari

Afshin Jafari's architectural images have won worldwide acclaim in prestigious awards including Rise International Photography Awards, AIPP, and Cosmos Awards. Afshin's unique view is influenced by his years of architectural study as well as his professional 3D software engineering background. 

2021 Epson Pano Awards Top 50
2020 Epson Pano Awards Built Environment 3rd Place
2020 Rise International Travel Category Winner
2019 The Portrait Conference Amateur 2nd Place
2019 QLD Emerging Photographer of the Year

Giorgio Di Lorenzo

Digital Creative working in across various mediums. From graphic design to film and apparel design, Giorgio speaks visuals. Once upon a time  graffiti artist, he loves all things counter culture and expression without limitations.


Stephen Finkel

Hi I am Stephen, based in Brisbane Qld my work currently includes the following  activities,  Canon Collective Community Manager, for Canon Australia, a freelance photographer, a Getty Images contributor, a Photography Podcast Producer for Photomission’s Exposure, Focus podcasts and Meet the Maker Australia podcast, My passion is shooting street and travel photography.

Alexander Mack

Alexander is a Portrait and Street Photographerbased in Brisbane. 

His photographic approach is informed by a background inInternational Relations and Sociology. He holds a PhD from AberystwythUniversity. 

From an ongoing project exploring discarded objects around Brisbane,through to street snaps and portraits, his images try to make visible, theinvisible processes and sets of relationships that contextualise the growth ofhuman societies. He tweets @amackfotograf.

Irena Prikryl

Irena Prikryl’s creative talent has been nurtured since her childhood in the Czech Republic, where, from an early age, she studied under one of Europe’s most academically recognised and highly accomplished artists — the painter, graphic artist and illustrator Jan Jůzl (1905-1976).

Her love of creative pursuits led to her graduating in Fine Arts and Textiles, with her passion for the disciplines resulting in an award-winning fashion design career, spanning 35 years and two continents. The thirst for exciting and innovative artistic endeavours has always played a big role in Irena’s life. More recently, meeting Christian Fletcher, one of Australia’s most highly regarded landscape photographers, inspired her to explore photography as another fulfilling creative medium.

Selena Rollason

My name is Selena Rollason
I am a professional photographer, graphic designer, filmmaker and powerful storyteller
with a unique view of the world.

I see things outside of the box….and I work to capture or
create a unique view of them.

I have been a creative artist for nearly 30 years, and for much of that time
my camera and my digital world have been my voice.
I’ve documented powerful stories, recorded beautiful moments,
captured unique landscapes, created amazing works of art
and explored the world around me.

I live my life by working to make an impact.

Vikki Siliato

Vikki Siliato is a Brisbane wedding photographer and an award-winning landscape photographer. While Vikki enjoys spending her weekends photographing loved-up couples, her passion is landscape photography. Vikki strives to capture the essence of our beautiful country, the ruggedness, the tranquillity and even the harshest of landscapes. 

Vikki draws on what she sees and feels to portray the natural beauty of any landscape. She's an adventurous and carefree soul who finds peace and joy in nature. Vikki’s ideal weekend is hiking in the wilderness with a couple of like-minded friends, backpack on shoulders and with camera in hand. Bliss!

Mel Sinclair

Mel Sinclair is a Landscape and CreativePhotographer from Ipswich, Queensland.
She primarily enjoys chasing fog in the winter months, however, when this is notavailable, she'll settle for any urban or rural landscape.
Mel loves to find the unique, artful, human and contradictory moments that existwithin nature and the world we've sculpted.

Mel holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Fine Art and has won numerousawards in Landscape photography. In 2021 she won the Places category in The MonoAwards, a black and white competition. She is most known for her image "TheEpitome" which is currently a Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle.

Leanne Stamatellos

Leanne Stamatellos is an award-winning photographer, and has been photographing families since 2006. Photographing outdoors using natural light, she has a love for simple, modern and beautiful family portraits and is deeply committed to telling each family's story. For Leanne, it's all about noticing the little things that make each family unique.

What brings her the most joy is seeing images brought to life hanging on the walls or in a keepsake book on a coffee table in a family's home, especially in the digital age that we live in. She strongly believes in preserving memories for future generations and values the way an image can make you feel and its ability to bring you back to a moment in time.

Frances Suter

Frances Suter, based in Brisbane, is an award winning master photographer of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP), she has won numerous national and international awards. She brings a depth of experience and international flavour to her boutique photographic studio.

Frances’ European background has contributed to her multi-dimensional approach to her craft. She has travelled widely and her learnings are woven into the fabric of her work. Throughout her career Frances has gained a growing reputation for her style of Wedding and Portrait photography, including newborn, children, teenager, pets and family portraits.

Her 20+ years of expertise in Portrait and Wedding photography has led her to teach courses and workshops. Frances also has a huge passion for travel and landscape photography and has won multiple awards and categories.

David Symons

David Symons is a Brisbane based photographer. The idea that the photograph sits precariously on the edge of the real and imagined is the great appeal of the medium to David. Born in Scotland, he studied photography in Western Australia in the 1980s. 

David has exhibited locally and nationally and has been a finalist prizes including The Olive Cotton Award and the IRIS Award. His photographic work is held in The Art Gallery of Western Australia Collection and The National Library of Australia. David's photobook 'The Man from Apophenia' was self-published in 2019.

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