Steve Scalone (Co-Founder)

Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs, his own wedding studio, and witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution, embracing the change. In the years since, Steve is working with commercial photography and lecturing at both Swinburne and Melbourne Polytechnic.

Along the way being honoured with AIPP Australian Travel Photographer and the current Australian Photo Book of the Year award.

His talent on the ground for inspiring his fellow photographers and nurturing his peers through education, as well as his continuing public advocacy for the arts, have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Ambassador.

Craig Wetjen (Co-Founder)

Craig Wetjen is a national and international award winning photographer and author based in Melbourne Australia. He started his career photographing sports for his local newspapers in Connecticut, USA. Some career highlights are working for NASA prior to moving to Australia where in 1996 he established Melbourne’s RMIT University’s first digital imaging course.

His latest book project “Men and Their Sheds” published in 2016, documented 101 men and their relationship the shed has to his physical and mental health.
Craig is currently working on a documentary book on Dementia and another book on craftsmen and women working on lost or dying trades.

Louise Bagger

In stark contrast to her 15 year career with the Royal Australian Navy, in 2009 Louise made the transition to become a full time Professional Photographer and embarked on a training program under the guidance of veteran Adelaide photographer, Norman Weedall.

An accredited and national board member of the AIPP, Louise lives and operates her home based photography business in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  Her portfolio encompasses a diverse range of photographic genres including corporate and commercial photography, events, portraiture and wedding photography.

Louise is a self-confessed lover of iPhoneography and also has a deep seeded passion for travel and documentary photography.

Peter Barnes

After numerous non-photographic careers which ended with him being bored or sacked (often both) Peter has not had a Proper Job for 10 years.  

People sometimes pay him to photograph their buildings, or bridges, or welding equipment. He is an AIPP Master of Photography, SA 2017 Commercial Photographer of the Year (3rd time) and a proud cog in the machine that is Cog Creative Space. 

Don’t ask him about his drone unless you like being bored. And he just loves writing about himself in the  third person.

Victoria Berekmeri

Victoria Berekmeri is a Master Photographer and accredited professional member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). She is also currently a member of the South Australian Council for the AIPP. 

Victoria’s photographic scope extends from the domestic markets through to commercial, producing work in portraiture, landscape, documentary, sport, interiors and architecture. As an award winning photographer, her most noted experiences include winning 2 national titles for her documentary work in 2013 and 2014. 

Through exploring subjects that hold personal value, Victoria has been able to facilitate wide, social conversations and change through her photographic work. With a motivation to live life with meaning and impact, Victoria continues to grow her scope of experiences as a photographer in a way that fulfils her.

Mathieu Egges Bradley

Hello my name is Mathieu Egges Bradley I've been passionate about photography for a couple of years now, ever since I've gotten into the field it's been a liberating experience, this field of work gives me a chance to speak about how I feel and the way I view things in the world. 

It gives me a chance to express myself and allow people to interpret it in another way, which is what I love about photography, that and it helps inspire others, which is why I want to one day become a professional photographer

Danielle Burgess

My name is Danielle, I’m 16 years old and have lived in North Adelaide most of my life. I enjoy taking photographs, especially from heights!

I would love to become a photographer when I’m older. I believe that you live once so I’m trying to make the best of it. I have a wall in my bedroom full of photos I’ve taken and love looking at them to remember the good times . I’m brave and adventurous and have enjoyed being part of the project!

Kelly Champion

Kelly is an Adelaide based wedding, family and documentary photographer who loves capturing emotion and the magic of human connection.

Although Kelly studied photography as part of her Bachelor of Visual Arts, it wasn’t until 2012 that she pursued it professionally, turning her passion for creating beauty, chasing light and preserving memories into a flourishing business.

Kelly has been awarded the South Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year in 2015, AIPP South Australian Professional Photographer of the Year in 2016 and 2017 and AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year 2017.

David Evans

David Evans is a renowned Australian Master of Photography who creates peerless work of high fidelity, depth and substance.

He started photographing in the 90’s, on the watershed of the golden age of film and the shiny, glittering age of the pixel. David’s philosophy of ‘painting’ with light has kept him happily the old school, maintaining a love of medium and large format film. Moving with the times however, David now also uses medium format digital capture married with advanced printing technology for the reproduction of his fine art pieces.

David’s motivation is to remind us that wild, untamed and sublime places are critical elixirs in life – and through travel, nature, observation and art, we find clarity and our true spirit.

Sarah Fairbanks

Sarah's passion for photography started with a love of manual cameras, film and late nights in the darkroom as well as a diversion from the dreariness of medical school.
She prefers to shoot in a quiet,candid documentary style which has evolved in the last few years as an exploration of street photography. 

She is gradually formalising and extending her skills with studies at Centre for Creative Photography.
In the last 2 years she has won various competitions with both dslr and mobile phone images, including Clifton Art Prize, and been a finalist in Head On Photography competition, the Australian Photography awards and Sight For All photography competitions.

She loves to be involved in exhibitions and photography challenges and does occasional paid assignments.

@saritafair. Instagram

Diana Fernie

Diana is an experienced underwater photographer who is now developing her general skills as a Diploma student at the Centre for Creative Photography. An AIPP student member for 3 years, she has won several awards and SAPPA Student of the Year twice.

Her love of photography was inspired in a childhood spent in Oman where, at 9 years old, her father gave her a Kodak Instamatic camera and took her diving on a home-made diving rig. Since then Diana has travelled extensively and lived and worked in several countries. Diana has extensive background in training with 15 years as a PADI Course Director, instructing the instructors.

Jennie Groom

Jennie Groom has over 25 years experience as a professional photographer.  Her main focus is portraiture and along with numerous awards, she recently held a portrait exhibition at Parliament House, Adelaide.

Jennie’s work has appeared in many publications including her own book ‘women@work’.  Jennie is active in the education of South Australian photographers through mentoring (both private and through the AIPP) and teaching at the University of South Australia on a casual basis.

Alice Healy

Based in Adelaide with over 10 years experience in the photographic industry, I love photographing people whether it be a creative portrait session with one person, or collaborating with a team, to bring beautiful fashion images together.

For me, photography is a way of capturing the beauty that I see in everybody.

Simone Hanckel

Simone Hanckel has spent the last sixteen years chasing children around with a camera, with the idea of creating black and white masterpieces from their shenanigans. 

An enthusiasm for the loveliness of childhood, an eye for light and shadow and the desire to keep finding wonderful stories within a family has seen Simone specialise in stylish photographs that will stand the test of time. 

Simone is also the state president of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes (of Creolumen Photography), after a long-standing love affair with the camera, formalised his skills in 2015, and now teaches the digital, studio and early creative subjects at the Centre of Creative Photography in Adelaide.

Working part-time as a portrait, headshot and event photographer with a passion for digital retouch, Chris works from a local studio in Norwood. Amongst his teaching and commercial photographic commitments, Chris volunteers for the RSPCA, works in community & aged care and when time allows, finds opportunity to collaborate on creative projects such as this. 

Sara Huffen

Sara Huffen lives in the Adelaide Hills and has spent much of her working life travelling to most parts of rural Australia. Her personal photography is often about the landscape.  Her commercial work covers the fields of sport, product, food and wine. If you see a nicely-lit wine bottle in a magazine somewhere, it might just be a photo she’s made.

Ben Liew

Ben's secret to photography is capturing his subjects in the moment and not having preconceptions. “Some of the most intriguing photos I’ve taken ended up being nothing like I had planned.”

Exhibiting artwork and entering photographic competitions motivates Ben to learn more about his craft by being "surrounded by other such talented photographers". He is passionate about seeing the beauty in the mundane and allowing photography to open up our minds to new visual experiences.

Ben is an AIPP Master Photographer with a gold bar and has won awards nationally and internationally.

Mike Lim

Mike Lim is a photographer and web editor. He learned photography on a Nikon FG that he lost when it was stolen out of a car in the Flinders ranges over 20 years ago. Undeterred, he's continued shooting for money and for curiosity, and has worked with and assisted some of the other people on this page. He's curated, written about, and taught photography. You might find him sometimes in front of a class at the Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide.

He dreams of one day being a fashion photographer in swinging London who takes a picture which may or may not have captured a murder.

Heidi Linehan

I’m a tourism and lifestyle photographer. I write a blog, inspiring people in all things photography, travel, and life.

The most important stuff...
- I have an ongoing love affair with the ocean. I love to (try) surf.
- I love latin dance too. I take salsa and bachata classes. 
- I’ve lived in four countries on three continents - adventure and fun is what life is for me. 

I have worked with News Limited, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, various magazines, hotel chains, boutique hotels, tour operators and government. I also have written travel articles for magazines.

Now, I am living my dream.

Sarah Long

Sarah started her career as an assistant overseas, honing her skills on her return to Australia and graduating with a Diploma of Visual Arts in 1993. 

Her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions in Australia and won awards in the local advertising industry. She was selected as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 which was exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery Canberra and Eastern States. A finalist in the Head Off Landscape Prize 2013, which exhibited in Sydney and a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize 2014 and 2016 in Adelaide. 

Winner of the SA Australian Institute of Professional Photographers Travel Photographer of the Year 2016

Sarah is passionate about her craft which ultimately shows through her imagery.

Nadia Marlow

Nadia is a South African born photographer, adventure seeking, free spirited and passionate creative. 

Predominantly a portrait photographer, Nadia also loves to photograph the occasional wedding and small commercial assignments. Wife and mother of three, she’s loves spending time creating images almost as much as spending time with her young family. Traveling the world, seeing breathtaking natural wonders and experiencing foreign cultures is something that makes her bucket overflow.

Sam Oster

Sam is a photographer specialising in the Arts and Entertainment. She shoots for film, television, theatre, dance & music clients, occasionally also shooting trucks and other commercial jobs. She is passionate about the decisive moment, and curious about time and space, and has explored timelapse, 3D lenticular and bullet-time (time slice) techniques. 

Sam teaches photography at the University of South Australia and other organisations. Sam runs Cog Creative Space, a shared studio for lens-based professionals, with studio hire facilities. Her latest project is a mobile darkroom called ‘The Tintype Traveller’ in a restored vintage caravan which she takes on the road for photography trips and Tintype shoots on location. She also runs The Headshot Laboratory specialising in contemporary headshots for performers and corporate clients. She has studied overseas with photographers as diverse as Leonard Freed and Peter Hurley and is passionate about learning.

Don Oswald

A passion for photography saw Don take up a camera as a child and emerge from a keen amateur photographer to working for himself as a freelance professional for a number of years. Don has studied photography at TAFE but is largely self taught.

A sudden and unexpected significant event in Don’s life saw him leave the photography profession and study to become an Intensive Care Registered Nurse. Now at 63 years of age and having been an ICU nurse for 13 years, Don has retired from that role to pursue his first love of photography again. He is in the process of setting up a shared studio with his business partner with a plan to be fully functional by early next year.

Don’s passions are streetscape, landscapes and portraiture. He regularly exhibits to high acclaim. He is inspired by Steichen, Steiglitz, Muybridge, Adams and many more. 

Karen Pfeiffer

Karen has been a baby, family and wedding photographer for the past ten years. Her love of photography blossomed as a young adult travelling the world, but her passion for family storytelling truly evolved after she began to document her own children's lives. 

Her business has given her the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally to photograph families and weddings, and also to teach adults and school students the art of being a photographer. 

Karen is a proud volunteer for Heartfelt, and an AIPP Master Photographer. She has been awarded the title of SA Family Photographer of the Year in 2013 and 2016, along with having many state and national print awards to her name.

Lindsay Poland

In 1988, Lindsay started his first Job on the camera counter of Boots the chemist in Falkirk Scotland.

30 years later, after studying audio visual technology at Stevenson college Edinburgh and working in photo labs and studios in London and Berlin and owning a studio in Edinburgh, Lindsay found himself in Adelaide in 2003 where he finally became a qualified trainer and began his photography training business.

He has worked as a photographer for Nikon, Flight Centre, Rokin, The Dept of Veterans Affairs and S.A. police as well as conducting training and product launches for Canon,Nikon,Olympus,Panasonic,Fuji,Sony, Leica, Sigma,Tamron and lensbaby.

He has taught the photographic curriculum for Zoos S.A. for 5 years including school programmes.

Lindsay is a “Nikon Platinum Elite” member and a Profoto lighting specialist following his 2017 training at Profoto HQ in Stockholm and lives in Semaphore S.A. with his partner and commercial photographer Danielle Marie.

Ahsan Qureshi

Ahsan completed his post graduation in film production from Singapore after doing graduation in communication design from Pakistan. Ahsan’s first job was in Walt Disney Singapore. He has worked on numerous TV commercials, music videos and documentaries. He moved to Malaysia in 2009 where he started his entrepreneurial journey and established himself as a full time professional photographer.

He is also founder of an international photographer community Travel Photographer Society. Ahsan moved to Adelaide 5 months ago and is happy to call it home. He is an Australian Accredited Professional Photographer (AIPP) and provides professional photography services in many areas. His true calling is travel and street photography which he does for leisure and to satisfy his creative instincts. He is fascinated by the raw and untouched beauty of South Australia that he hopes to capture while he explores his new home in days to come.

Nat Rogers

Nat Rogers is a South Australian editorial and commercial photographer. She currently photographs select commercial assignments and her own personal work. 

In 2016, Nat started Easy Camera Lessons a project where she passionately helps beginner photographers understand their cameras. 

Ian Routledge

"I take photos, sometimes for fun, sometime for money. Its been many years now and many countries. Being somewhere out of my comfort zone is often the best. 

Street photography has to be my favourite subject, trying to capture a moment, tell a story, see something that stand outs, take full advantage of light, shadows, shapes or colour."

Karen Waller

Karen is an Adelaide based portrait photographer. Her creativity was always encouraged and supported from a young age. A childhood spent in SA rural towns has been significant to Karen’s sense of aesthetics and portrait subject choices. 

Her photographic work is strongly influenced by her visual arts studies in painting and drawing. Portrait photography and exploring some difficult themes is always a challenge that she embraces. It is the continual search for compelling subjects and themes to capture and reveal through her work, that drives Karen. 

Landscape photography is a recent challenge and she continues returning to Yorke Peninsula to explore and photograph images of a place she knows and loves. The powerful desire to create images takes her to a place of great joy and solace. Karen is an AIPP Master of Photography and the South Australian 2017 AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year. She also won the portrait category in 2012, 2014and 2016.

Mark Zed

Mark is a commercial, industrial and advertising photographer who is also a dedicated industry volunteer with the AIPP helping to facilitate continuing professional development, marketing and awards programs for Australian Photographers.

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