Steve Scalone (Co-Founder)

Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs. He witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution and embraced the change, becoming an Adobe Certified Expert. In the years since, Steve pursued the photographic form in both his artistic and commercial practices. He built and steered his own professional studio and discovered inspiration in passing on his skills to others through tertiary education. 

Along the way, he's acquired numerous awards. Most recently, the AIPP Australian Travel Photographer of the Year for 2015 and 2016 and the current AIPP Australian Photo book of the year award. His talent on the ground for inspiring his fellow photographers and nurturing his peers through education have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Ambassador. Today Steve continues to expand his commercial portfolio whilst also developing his artistic profile. This has resulted in a number of exhibitions to date and the production of his book “Urban Clarity”.

Craig Wetjen (Co-Founder)

Craig Wetjen is a national and international award winning photographer and author based in Melbourne Australia. He started his career photographing sports for his local newspapers in Connecticut, USA. Some career highlights are working for NASA prior to moving to Australia where in 1996 he established Melbourne’s RMIT University’s first digital imaging course.

His latest book project “Men and Their Sheds” published in 2016, documented 101 men and their relationship the shed has to his physical and mental health.
Craig is currently working on a documentary book on Dementia and another book on craftsmen and women working on lost or dying trades.

Lisa Anfuso

Lisa Anfuso is a Perth based, award winning AIPP Accredited ProfessionalPhotographer, specialising in family portraiture. 

After almost 30 years of nursing, Lisa sought to unleash her creative potential by pouring her heart and soul into her life long passion, photography. Upon achieving an Advanced Diploma in Photography she won the WA AIPP Student Photographer of the Year. She strives to produce work that exceeds her clients’ expectations and loves to experiment, always pushing her creative boundaries to broaden her in camera and post-production expertise and diversity.

Stanley Aryanto

I left my career as an engineer in April 2014 to pursue my passion in travel and photography. I've started a photography company called The Wicked Hunt. Since then I've spent 2 months driving through Java Island, Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. Then continued with four months trip around Australia. 

On the 16th of January I will start a new chapter in Canada. My mission is to travel the world, see different culture and background, capture the moment, then share and hopefully help to inspire other people to travel. I strongly believe that travel help to open people's mind and become more empathetic to other culture. Which could be the answer to stop world conflicts. Apart from that, I am a happy, energetic and positive individual. 

I love adventure and outdoor, which what brought me to landscape photography. I enjoy to be out in the nature observing the wild life and capturing its moment. Most of my hobbies related to sports such as soccer, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

Kelly Barker

Kelly is a wife, a mum, a daughter and an artist. She has been in the photography industry for more than 17 years and still simply loves all facets of her career. She is a multi-award winning photographer through the AIPP and has achieved her masters with 2 gold bars. 

Her art work consists of many images in one to create surrealistic scenes. Her style has developed a maturity over the years and still continues to evolve.

Des Birt

After four decades of running a successful wedding, portrait and corporate photography business, Des has now turned to lecturing at North Metro TAFE for the past 5 years. Master Photographer and Honorary Life Member of the AIPP, Des is passionate about assisting others to achieve their potential as successful professional photographers.

Mark Brierley

Mark Brierley is an Architectural/Landscape Photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. Over the past eight years Mark as honed his skills in seeing light and the less ordinary, whilst also seeing the beauty in everyday life. Not intent on copying those he looks up to, Mark has forged a path for himself exploring what it is that actually makes up his personality and then expresses that through his art. “No one sees the world the way you do” a quote that opened Marks eyes to the unrestricted possibilities of photography and allowed him to break the rules when necessary to pursue his vision. 

Any great creative idea should stun momentarily. It should seem to be outrageous. Thus by presenting the viewer with an idea that seemingly suspends conventions of understanding. In that swift interval, between shock and the realisation that what you are presenting is not as outrageous as it seems. That is moment, you capture your audience.

Brett Canet-Gibson

Brett is the recipient of many international, national and local awards. Shortlisted for the National Photographic Portrait Prize in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 ; awarded People’s Choice for the 2015 Head On Photo Awards Festival; finalist of the PCP Iris Award 2015 and 2016. Winner 2016 DUO Percival Photographic Portrait Prize. In 2016, he was shortlisted for the Mandorla Art Award; finalist London Photo Festival (Fine Art); and the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards. 

He won Silver 2016 International Fine Art Photography Awards; received the PX3 Pre de la Photographie Paris (Fine Art, People) Gold Award; finalist in the William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize; and awarded 3rd Prize for the IPA International Photography Awards (Fine Art, Still Life) in New York. He was awarded in the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize with two portraits winning the judges’ Highly Commended and voted 2017 People’s Choice Winner; finalist for the 2017 Head On Photo Festival; finalist 2017 Moreton Bay Art Awards; finalist 2017 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture; and Runner Up London Photo Festival (Abstract & Fine Art).

Jacob Canet-Gibson

Jacob is a street and documentary photographer based in Perth. He is currently studying his Honours at Edith Cowan University and previously traveled throughout Asia and studied in Shanghai. His work has been exhibited at Spectrum Gallery and at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Alan Carter

Began working with film in the darkroom at high school at age 13 in 1966. Interest in photography re-ignited with intro of digital cameras. Farmer in the Wheatbelt WA. Member of 2 Photo Clubs. Accredited Judge, W.A. Photographic Judges Assoc. WAPJA President’s Award for “Excellence in Judging 2018”

Matt Cook

I first picked up a camera almost 18 years ago. I was in year 7 and had selected photography as one of my subjects. Not having known anybody else in the class, (I guess I was a little socially awkward back then, ok I guess I still am!) I distinctly remember just cruising around the school on my own taking these abstract photos that at the time I thought were amazing, thinking back to them now they were anything but!
A whole lot of life got in the way in between, but about 8 years ago I fell in love with photography again. It was food photography that drew me back in, capturing my creations for the world to see (or all 9 subscribers to my blog!). Then one day I was sick of the food not laughing at my jokes. I branched out and started doing portraits. Fast forward to now and I feel I’ve come full circle, strolling the streets of Perth with nothing but my camera for company and a desire to capture life as it happens.

Kerry Faulkner

Kerry Faulkner is an award-winning Perth-based freelance journalist moving increasingly toward photojournalism and is a huge street photography devotee. She tutors in her field at Curtin University where she encourages her students to be brave; except of course where bees are concerned. You can see some of her work on Instagram @kerryfaulk or her website

Ed Fetahovic

Ed has been a street photographer now for almost 5 years. His passion is seeking geometric scenes which challenge our notion of normality. Ed focuses on moments which question the authenticity of reality as we move through time. 

Ed is a self taught street photographer and has no traditional education in the arts. He’s self established and is now working to establish himself in the wider art work with his vision and style

Lynn Gail

Our world is so culturally diverse, whichever way we turn there are belief systems yet to be explored somewhere on the road less travelled. I wish I had an extra lifetime to visit them all. For me, to travel is to connect, even when we speak a different language; the power of communication through kind gestures can speak louder than words. 

My journeys have taken me into the humblest of homes, where their only furniture is the floor, on which they shared food. I’ve stayed in opulent surroundings and experienced ‘how-the other-half-live’ to realise I’m more at home round a campfire on the homelands in Arnhem Land, surrounded by the Yolngu people. 

Travel helps me to see how I fit into our ever changing planet. The camera, my second pair of eyes has taught me how to see and to capture an essence of the people and places I encounter. As a travel photographer I supply Lonely Planet Images and Robert Harding World Imagery and as a writer, I supply content to Australian and International travel magazines and newspapers.

Alex Ham

I have been predominantly a landscape photographer for the last 10 years or so. An interest that was significantly boosted by my move to Australia and the desire to capture the amazing and varied scenery of WA. In recent years I have moved into aerials and lately urban photography, and started to follow my passion more seriously. 

This has included entering competitions, which in 2018 resulted in a top 10 finish in Capture Magazine's, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers competition (Landscape). Most recently I finished a personal project to produce a book on urban photography, which explores the use of shadow, texture, colour and form to highlight the simplicity and geometry within an urban landscape.

Nicole Harwood

Nicole Harwood is based in the rural Wheatbelt of Western Australia, and is fortunate to find a balance between her photography and her work as a nurse practitioner.  She comes from a 'short line' of keen photographers, inheriting a love of the world of film, slides and processing.  

At her core she is a portrait photographer, seeking to find the emotion and story in her work.  A proud Heartfelt volunteer, she is excited to take part in this project and suck the brains of this amazing lineup of Perth photographers.

Sandy Herd

"But this is one corner of one country, in one continent, on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy, that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying, and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see." ~ The Doctor

Sandy is an award winning photographer with a passion for travel, design and photography. Her music and travel images have been published locally and internationally. In 2013 she held her first solo exhibition; her fine art prints are held in private collections across Australia, Indonesia, Europe and the US. Sandy is also a passionate educator, running alternative process workshops for adults and shaping young minds with her design and photography master classes.

"I'm a sci-fi geek, a wanderer, a photographer and a story teller. I've been fortunate enough to travel. I've won some awards and had some adventures. There are many more images to be taken...and there is oh, 'so much more to see.'" ~ Sandy

Keef Hickey

I was ten when my uncle introduced me to the world of black and white film processing and printing. Fascinated by the chemical reactions and creativity in the darkroom, I was hooked.  Although my career started in the photography industry, mainly processing labs and photographers assistant, it moved a step away in the parallel world of graphics and cartography. 

Faced with recently being widowed, raising two young men and holding down a full-time job, it was inevitable I would be naturally drawn back to a world which I never really left. My focus is not one genre, but creating beautiful imagery. I believe in doing what makes you happy, so I’m busy doing just that!

Sarah Louise Horn

I am a hobby photographer based in Perth, Australia. I was first introduced to photography by my father and later studied it at high school. After a few years break, I got my first digital SLR which I taught myself how to use and have since been self taught. I enjoy looking at things from a different perspective and being able to share the amazing things I see with others. 

Landscape photography, with a focus on weather, astro and seascapes is what I enjoy most. Being outside and seeing what mother nature has to offer will never get boring! I am taking part in this project to put myself out of my comfort zone and hopefully learn some new things along the way.

Lisa Ivandich

Lisa Ivandich is the owner and photographer at Lilypad Photography in WA. Focusing primarily on family portraiture, Lisa has become one of the most trusted family photographers in Perth. A professional photographer for over 10 years, earning her Masters with AIPP in 2015. In her personal work, Lisa loves creating different and slightly quirky imagery with children and families still as her main subjects & carries this work into her sessions. 

She was honoured to win her fourth successive WA Family Photographer of the Year title last year as well as being a finalist this year.

Dianne Kelsey

Dianne is a hobby photographer based in Perth, WesternAustralia. Her career in medical imaging has honed her eye for detailwhich is seen across her images. She has a love for urbanminimalism and architectural landscapes which highlighttexture, line and form and the unique interplay of light andshadow in design.

She was recently presented with the 2018 GoldenShopping Trolley Award for Urban Landscape.

Travel is also a passion, one which has taken her on a morerecent personal journey of discovery to capture theminimal or abstract natural landscape. Her mission in life is to keep learning and exploring. It isnever too late to start the journey!

Urban minimalism work can been viewed instagram/diannekelsey 

Leah Kennedy

My photography is inspired by a passion for travel, new experiences, curiosity and an insatiable creative streak. Photography for me is a mixture of art, imagination, reality and technology.

Susi Nodding

Photography has given me a confidence in life that I never knew I had.  I belong to two camera clubs in Perth and take advantage of the many opportunities that are on offer. I see myself as an “Outdoor” photographer – I love being out and about especially shooting Sports, Urban, Travel and Street. Every day brings something interesting into view.

Johannes Reinhart

German-born Johannes Reinhart is an internationally exhibited photographer and educator who now calls Perth, Australia his home. With his childlike curiosity, he pursues a range of creative projects with themes spanning from self-exploration, subculture documentation to emotive portraiture. 

Johannes has gained national and international recognition, including winning the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize in 2016, being a Lensculture Street Photography Awards finalist and named the 2015 Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year. Johannes is recognised as a Master of Photography from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

Ty Stedman

Ty is a fine art landscape photographer based in Busselton, Western Australia. Born in Natal, South Africa, Ty became enamoured with the natural world from an early age. His enthusiasm for exploration, attention to detail and education in the sciences, ultimately led to a pursuit in photography where he is able to document the intricacies of the world. 

Influenced by minimalist expressions, Ty’s primary passion is capturing Australia’s varied and rugged landscapes from the vantage point of small aircraft combing for graphic and geometric forms. 

In 2018, he was awarded the AIPP WA Commercial Photographer of the Year, the International Photography Awards (IPA) Winter Sports Winner and Fine Art: Abstract Runner-up. Ty holds the Associate designation with the AIPP and NZIPP.

Cecylia Sylwestrzak

I have been interested in art and photography for many years but really started developing when I challenged myself to take a photograph a day. I love that my photography helps me really look at the world around me rather than just passing it by on the way to somewhere else. I am a member of several photography groups and prefer candid 'in the moment' photography.

Rebecca Wiltshire

Rebecca picked up a camera a few years ago to explore a creative curiosity and found herself quickly addicted to street photography. She loves to capture colour light and moments around the city and at the beaches. She also enjoys travel and escapes to new places with her camera as often as possible. Rebecca has had success with her images in Australian and international photography festivals. In 2018 she was exhibited in Paris at Streets Sans Frontieres and in Italy at Trieste Photo Days. 

She has recently been chosen to exhibit in the inaugural Women Street Photographers Exhibition in New York, December 2018. She is co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, an initiative that connects and builds the community of Australian women and NB street photographers and is an Instagram curator for the international street photography group @womeninstreet.

Steve Wise

Steve is a Master Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and an accredited Medical Photographer with the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustrators (AIMBI) in line with his work as a Medical Photographer at Royal Perth Hospital. He runs a successful wedding and commercial photography business - 27Creative - based here in Perth – and feeds his personal love of art and visual narrative through his fine art portraiture.

In 2016 Steve won first prize in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize and in 2017 exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra as a finalist in the National Portrait Prize. He has been the WA AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2012, 2014 & 2016 – and in August was crowned the 2018 AIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year at the National Awards.

Sandra Coshan - North Metropolitan Student  

Sandra Coshan is a Perth Based Photographer specialising in portraiture. Growing up, she was always encouraged towards creative pursuits, studying piano and dance. She started drawing at an early age, inspired by sketches, drawn for her amusement by her father, also an avid photography enthusiast. She especially loved drawing people.

Sandra’s love of portrait photography is very much inspired by her early artistic endeavours. A perfectionist, she prides herself on freezing a ‘moment’ which perfectly encapsulates the personality of her subjects

Shaun Furey- North Metropolitan Student 

Shaun is a fine art photographer who loves the ocean and travel. He believes that enjoying the experience is as important as capturing the image. Wherever the adventures take him, he is always looking for simple compositions often using colour, line, and texture to help tell the story.


Dijana Jovanovic- North Metropolitan Student 

Hi, my name is Dijana Jovanovic and I’m a Graphic Designer currently studying Photography. My true passion is Wildlife and Macro Photography, where I aim to share the beauty I find in nature. I also love Architecture Photography, the bold patterns, shapes and lines inspire me. I studied both Graphic Design and Photography at North Metropolitan TAFE – renowned for its focus on technical knowledge – where I developed a keen creative eye and practical skills. I also have a strong editorial background, having worked as a Graphic Designer at The West Australian newspaper for many years.

Deon Johnson - North Metropolitan Student  

My career is in it's infant stages after just finishing my studies at North Metro Tafe. My style has evolved in such a short time and without a doubt will morph some more in the near future. With a dark past of drug addiction and now with open eyes and an open heart, the one thing I love most about photography at the moment is the ability to express myself and be myself through this new found art. 

I absolutely get off on people lingering on my images because I like to produce images that make you think, to tell a contemporary story, often laterally. If I can have someone stop and think about what is going on in the message then my job is done.

Aya Kuma - North Metropolitan Student  

Aya received a 35 mm film camera from her mother when she was aged 9. This was the beginning of her life in photography. In 2011, she embarked on sailing expedition commencing in the Mediterranean Sea and finishing in Japan. The landscape, people and cultures she observed inspired her documentation of the journey through photography. She held a solo exhibition in Tokyo. The hospital art association recognised her work and selected pieces to display in a hospital. In 2014, her work acknowledged with a silver award at the Fuji Film Photo Contest in Japan. To progress her skills and abilities in photography she is currently enrolled at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Lily Martin- North Metropolitan Student 

Lily is a Perth photographer with a passion for the natural world and finding the little narratives that happen all around us. She strives to create images that inspire people to connect and care for the world in which we live. Lily is currently studying photography at North Metro TAFE.

Josh McDonald- North Metropolitan Student 

Josh McDonald from a young age has used photography to express his creativity. He has completed a diploma in photography and will be continuing his study’s this year. His passion is creating fine art landscapes.

Katie McDonald - North Metropolitan Student  

Katie McDonald is a portrait and landscape photographer in Perth. She has always loved being behind the camera to capture special memories and decided two years ago to gain the knowledge and experience required to take this to the next level through firstly a completing a Diploma, and now Advanced Diploma in Photography. Her style is elegant and natural for portraiture and is enjoying working on fine art landscapes.


Thomas Nealon- North Metropolitan Student 

Thomas is a street and documentary photographer that shoots predominantly at night. His work explores the city life and culture of Australia, and looks in on its dark, grim features. His eye is drawn to life on the streets, human behaviour, and mind state.

Callan Shiel- North Metropolitan Student 

Perth photographer studying at North Metro TAFE

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