Steve Scalone (Co-Founder)

Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs. He witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution and embraced the change, becoming an Adobe Certified Expert. In the years since, Steve pursued the photographic form in both his artistic and commercial practices. He built and steered his own professional studio and discovered inspiration in passing on his skills to others through tertiary education. 

Along the way, he's acquired numerous awards. Most recently, the AIPP Australian Travel Photographer of the Year for 2015 and 2016 and the current AIPP Australian Photo book of the year award. His talent on the ground for inspiring his fellow photographers and nurturing his peers through education have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Ambassador. Today Steve continues to expand his commercial portfolio whilst also developing his artistic profile. This has resulted in a number of exhibitions to date and the production of his book “Urban Clarity”.

Craig Wetjen (Co-Founder)

Craig Wetjen is a national and international award winning photographer and author based in Melbourne Australia. He started his career photographing sports for his local newspapers in Connecticut, USA. Some career highlights are working for NASA prior to moving to Australia where in 1996 he established Melbourne’s RMIT University’s first digital imaging course.

His latest book project “Men and Their Sheds” published in 2016, documented 101 men and their relationship the shed has to his physical and mental health.
Craig is currently working on a documentary book on Dementia and another book on craftsmen and women working on lost or dying trades.

Simon Anders

"I am always amazed by the access that being a photographer can grant me. It's a privilege to be in a position where I'm able to produce key imagery documenting the progress of the built environment and the infrastructure that underpins the growth of our city, and to a larger degree our civilisation." 

Simon has been shooting professionally full time since 2008 and has extensive expertise in both Interior & Exterior Architectural Photography, Corporate Portraiture, Conference & Event Coverage as well as Industrial, Infrastructure & Construction Photography. Currently working with Images For Business, Simon has also become well versed in the Time-Lapse photography of major infrastructure projects across the Sydney region producing imagery for a variety of uses by both government clients and their contractors. 

Simon holds a B.Fine Art degree in Photomedia from the University of New South Wales, graduating in 2003. Simon was also an assistant for architectural and industrial photographers Chris Shain & Neil Duncan, sparking his interest in documenting the built environment.

Simone Cheung 

Photography has always been a way for Simone to combine her other big passions in life — travel and promoting social responsibility, human rights and social equality. As a result, she does lot of street photography to show that every single person regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or social status has that magical moment just waiting to be captured. 

She mainly focuses on photo documentary and bringing out social issues through her photography. She has been a volunteer photographer with various not-for-profit organisations including Oxfam, Global Sisters, Women’s March on Sydney, New Humans of Australia, and others. She has exhibited in both solo and group shows, and has been a finalist in the Art & About Australian Life Prize, Living Well Photography Competition, Australian Photography Magazine Photographer of the Year (People and Portraits) and Fairfax Clique Portfolio of the Year.

Julia Coddington

Julia is known for her strong compositions and her ability to work with colour, movement and light. Her ongoing project, The Pool, explores an ocean pool in her home town south of Sydney. She has been a finalist at various Street Photography festival including the Italian Street Photography Festival, Brussels Street Photography Festival and Street Foto San Francisco and exhibited at Street Sans Frontières Paris, Street London, 2018 Women Street Photographers exhibition, New York, 2018 and Sofia Bulgaria 2019, Kolkata International Photography Festival, Indian Photography Festival Hyderabad and recently in HeadOn 2019. Julia's work is regularly featured online and she has been interviewed on several podcasts. Julia was a featured presenter and workshop leader at Street Photo Milano and a contest judge for the Miami Street Photography Festival, the Italian Street Photography Festival and Street Foto San Francisco.

Julia is the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for Australian women, non-binary and intersex street photographers. She is an administrator of the international @womeninstreet community.  Julia and her partner Gerry Orkin regularly conduct street photography workshops.  

Flicker juliacoddington 

Instagram @juliacoddington

Fiona D'Alessandro

I am a teacher in English and Communication at TAFE NSW. In my spare time I love to take photos. I never realised that photography would become such a huge part of my life and that I would be the person always holding the camera. Sometimes things happen without you realising that the moments will change your life and direction; the people you meet and the way you view the world. 

Photography has given me a sense of purpose and an ambition to transform the places I see and the people I meet. My work encompasses landscape, travel photography, botanical photography and portraiture. My aim is to encourage the viewer to be a part of the photo, to engage with it. I am interested in how people connect with an isolated landscape and how we relate to the notion of emptiness.  

Instagram @fi2011

Claire Edwards

Claire first studied photography while undertaking her Arts degree. After working as a graphic designer and art director (for some time), her work now centres around social sustainability and creating better places for people - she has a particular passion for exploring public space, play and walking in the city. 

Claire has undertaken a number of photography courses at the ACP and completed a Masters of Research examining public space. Her photos have been published in travel guides and in exhibition. 

Instagram @thesummeroffice

Sam Ferris

Sam Ferris has been shooting on the streets of Sydney for more than 7 years. He is an organiser and co-founder of the AUSSIE STREET exhibition and competition, and is a member of SlowLight international collective. His work has been published in Photo Review Magazine, Capture Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, Fellow Traveller the magazine of China Rail, and as an Editor's selection on Lensculture. 

Sam’s images have been exhibited in three featured street photography exhibitions at Head On Photo Festival in Sydney as well as in exhibitions in Europe, the USA, and UK. He has been a finalist and prize winner at Street Photo San Francisco, a finalist in Art and About’s ‘Australian Life’ Photographic Prize, as well as a finalist in Miami Street Photography Festival and Brussels Street Photography Festival. Recently, alongside his heroes Trent Parke and Jesse Marlow, Sam was one of three Australian street photographers selected for the book '100 Great Street Photographs' (2017), released by Prestel Publishing. He is currently a finalist of the 2019 Moran Photographic Prize.

Deborah Field

Deborah Field is a street photographer and former Fairfax journalist from Sydney, Australia. She has been shooting street for around 10 years, mostly in Melbourne. She is drawn to the spontaneity of taking pictures of strangers in the street and the challenges that come with it. Deb's worst fear is boredom and street photography is the perfect antidote. 

Deb is a member of Unexposed Collective and Aussie Street street photography collectives. Her images were exhibited by the collectives in Head On photo festival 2019 and 2018. Her images have also been exhibited in Europe by the 24 Hour Project. You can follow her work on Instagram @thephotonews.

Instagram @thephotonews

Linda Jerkin

I'm a Sydney based photographer and a member of the Unexposed Collective banging about town with my Fujifilm X-T2.

Instagram @lindalooby_1

Mike Keevers

Mike has photographed the streets of Sydney for the past 5 years. He was a finalist in the Australian Life Prize in 2015, finalist in the William & Winifred Bowness Photographic Prize in 2016, a semi-finalist in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize in 2018 and 2019, and finalist in Miami Photo Fest 2019.

Instagram @mikekeevers

Stan Kessanis

Over 45 years of enthusiastic photographic  experience with a thirst for street and travel photography. Married to my favourite photographer and happy to share our journey of creative expression. My boutique ad agency has served most major brands in the photographic industry.

Alison Lyons

Born in London, Alison has spent most of her life in Sydney. A pioneering Visual Artist and Photographer for over 30 years, she has studied under Graham McCarter, John Williams and David Moore. Her uniquely creative work is a fusion of traditional fine art and intimately observed photographic subjects. The result is a portfolio of truly amazing art pieces that Alison has evolved from nature and the world around her. 

Alison has traveled to over 50 countries, from Argentina to Zanzibar, exploring rich and diverse cultures, capturing and creating memorable images that she transforms into works of art. An award winning Master of Photography with the AIPP, specialising in Travel and Illustrative photography, she is also the Creative Director of a Boutique Ad Agency in Sydney.

Linda Maclean

Linda Maclean is a Sydney based photographer. She has exhibited at Head On 2019 and is a member of the Unexposed Collective.

Instagram @linda_maclean_

Robyn MacRae

Rob lives in a small regional town where her photographic practice is divided between commissioned work, personal projects and being an educator. In 2015 Rob was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate using photography to improve educational outcomes for youth at risk. She has continued to work in this area developing and teaching workshops to motivate and inspire young people through outreach programs and TAFE NSW. Stepping down from a long career in the media has allowed Rob the space to investigate her photographic practice more deeply. Her images have appeared in the pages of rural and national news, the sails of the Opera House, and even on the deck of a Burton snowboard! 

She has also some notched up some accolades such as winning the Fremantle International portrait prize as well as being a finalist in other prestigious awards including National Photographic Portrait Prize, the Martin Kantor Portrait Prize, the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, the Blink Awards, the Samsung 24hour project and the Canon Light Awards.

Instagram @the_shoot_project

Lianne Manley

Lianne Manley, joined a beginners photography class in Singapore in 2012 two weeks after relocating to Asia from Sydney, as a way to meet new people in her temporary home. Little did Lianne realise that photography would become such a passion and creative pathway. Since returning home in late 2012, she has continued to learn and experiment with the camera both here and on her extensive travels. Lianne’s photographic work covers many genres but she has a strong affiliation with travel and botanical photography from which she has developed a collection featuring abstracts and still life.

Instagram @liannemanleyphotography

Charles McKean

Charles is a Sydney based photographer who has been behind the lens for over forty years. He and his wife own one of Australia’s best known floral and event decorating businesses. He is a Master Photographer II with the AIPP; was NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year in 2013 and 2015; and is a Fellow of the Australia Photographic Society. 

He is Artist in Residence at St Catherines in Waverley. He has been finalist in many prestigious Australian and international competitions including Head On, the Moran Prize, NPPP, Blake Prize, Ulrick and Schubert, Shoot the Chef, CLIP Award, Photography Masters Cup, International Photo Awards, and International Travel Photographer of the Year. 

Charles is on the Head On Photo Festival team and founded AddOn which he has curated since its inception ten years ago. Charles has also exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including From Like to Love, Earth Flower Water, Back to Nature, Serial, Shoot the Chef, and Australian and International Contemporary Photography. He still has his analogue cameras and doesn’t miss working with darkroom chemicals.

Luke McCormac

Luke started photography at 16 in the family business as a video production manager. From there he dived into the world of photography covering medical. Currently Luke, still loves photographing dance and events while playing a major role at Kayell Australia.

Instagram @lmpvm

Peter Morton

My first camera was a Kodak Box Brownie and I still have photos taken with it. Last year in France I bought an old Box Brownie for 7 euro at a street market so if I get it to work I will have travelled full circle. My early photos were taken with a Practica 35 mm and I have quite a few taken at the Sydney Domain where my grandfather used to take me every Sunday. 

I am happiest taking photos of people in their environment, sometimes just ordinary people doing ordinary things. I have also been known to take the odd photo of a building and an occasional flower. Any ‘’selfies’’ are by accident. About 4 years ago I entered a few competitions and exhibited a few times with some success. This year I am exhibiting at SITHOM in Melbourne and recently I was fortunate to have one of my photos selected by Lens Culture for their Street Photography gallery. Project 7.30 is a great opportunity to help a very worthwhile cause.

Rosalie Nilson

Rosalie Nilson is a member of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for women and non-binary street photographers. She was a semi-finalist in the 2019 Moran Contemporary prize.

Instagram @rosalie_nilson

Tailai OBrien

Tailai OBrien is a 5th generation farmer and champion of preserving heritage breeds of livestock. Tailai has a passion for sustainable agricultural practices and the ecological care of the land. 

This philosophy requires keen observational awareness and creative thinking. The play of light, and these two skills are the key elements Tailai incorporates into her intuitive approach to photography. 

Simon Ross

Simon Ross (b.1971) is a photographer born & raised in the Antipodes (New Zealand doesn't know where he went & Australia is only vaguely aware that he is here). A serial self-publisher of photobooks apparently beloved by his family, he's managed to feature precisely once in a public exhibition in Sydney (Art & About) and was the runner-up in the inaugural Fairfax Newspapers Clique Photographer of the Year, prior to the wholesale dismantling of the photojournalist role in modern newspapers, his accompanying dream of being one, and of course, the newspapers themselves. 

Simon founded Videre Collective in 2016, curates for the Antipodean Film Collective as he "still believes in film", and old cameras are cheap. He is utterly unable to answer the question 'what sort of photography do you do?', and generally awkwardly directs people to his Instagram feed.


Instagram @videre_collective

Ed Sheldon

Ed has only recently discovered photography, after being handed a camera and taken out for a shoot. He quickly found a passion, and is now often seen walking the streets of Sydney chasing the light.

Instagram @edsheldon_

Wyatt Song

Drove a taxi for a living, managed a team in a corporate, professional photographer for a decade, established and ran an art gallery, building with his carpentry skills, coached and helped many to their success, rescued people as a surf life saver, swam across the English Channel and a kilometre in Antarctica. Life is an experience for Wyatt and his philosophy is to be... the journey is the canvas, we are the artist.

Sari Sutton

Sari Sutton’s photography has been exhibited in Canberra and Sydney, including ‘Exposed’ 2019, a Head On Photo Festival exhibition featuring the work of women and non-binary street photographers, and as a 2017 Head On finalist.

Instagram @sari.sutton

John Swainston

John Swainston has been involved in Photography for six decades. He is currently President of the AIPP, after 40 years of work in photo & audio-visual equipment distribution, including 25 years as MD of Nikon distributor Maxwell Optical Industries. 

John is a past Deputy Chair of the Australian Centre for Photography, and is on the Advisory Board of the Head On Foundation. He has been an exhibitor in all eight of the annual AddOn exhibitions. He is currently completing a book of photographs of English & Welsh Anglican cathedrals.

Antoine Veling

Henri influenced. Growth nourished on Baudelaire. Friends’ succour betide.

Bryce Waters

A relative newcomer to photography, he bought his first camera only three years ago. And what started as a hobby while photographing holidays and nights out with friends, turned into an obsession with a camera permanently slung around his neck. Now he spends every spare moment cruising the streets.

Instagram @bryce.waters

Nova Zheng

She's born in the age of Chinese Reform and brought up in a jungle of western beliefs. She struggles to "belong", but she hates to feel entitled. Her identity crisis is an undercurrent inside her, it stirs up some pretty weird dreams and some mediocre ideas. She finds photography cathartic, it is the thin veneer that covers the thin cracks of joy and sorrow.

Instagram @calabash_arts_collective

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